About Us

Map of Latin America in the background with all countries connected to the Pago46 network.A bottomless coin that represents the financial inclusion Pago46 gives to those who are cash-only.
What drives us

Our Mission

To provide and revolutionize the access and inclusion of financial services in the community and emerging markets  by making them more convenient, beneficial and secure for all. 

As the company was founded by a group of entrepreneurs from UNITED STATES and LATIN AMERICA, we are a global team that believes in the democratization of payments through technology.

We provide access to anyone who wants to pay online and we ensure that nobody is excluded. We achieve this using tools that our community values, with leading technology and operational experience.
About the team

Our Values

With whom and how we accomplish our vision matters.

Just Us

It depends on us to make things happen.

Superhero Mindset

To make the right thing for our clients, employees, shareholders, and communities where we work. Creating changes and innovating in a positive way. It is important with whom and how we make things. 

No Politics, No Games

We will win and lose together.

Customer Obsessed

We focus on finding the best solutions for our clients.

Martian Mode

When you are alone in Mars, all you can do is work and solve one problem at a time. We must be resilient, optimistic and think big. We must be prepared and do not take anything for granted.

Fair & Respect

We must be level-headed, fair and treat each other with respect above all. 

"Payments and financial well-being enabled by people that use technology to enrich their lives".

Garland Wong, CEO of PAGO46

let's build together

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