Ofrece a tus clientes pagos en efectivo a través de la red más grande de Latinoamérica y por la app de PAGO46

How PAGO46 works

Offers PAGO46 as a payment method

Solo tendrás que incluir el botón de PAGO46 en tu website y/o App.

Give your customer flexibility to pay

Con PAGO46 pueden pagar en 6 paises a través de más de 100.000 puntos de redes asociadas, a través de nuestros SOCIOS46 o por la app de PAGO46.

Get notified in real time

Payments are confirmed on the spot and then you receive the digitised money in your bank account.

What differentiates PAGO46 from other solutions?

Easy to implement

Comienzas a recibir pagos en 48 horas. Puedes implementar el botón de PAGO46 en tu website o aplicación.

Thanks to our presence in many Latin American countries and more than 100,000 payment points, we make it easy for your customers to pay quickly and securely through:

With the PAGO46 App your customers can pay whenever they want and wherever they are.

Paying through a PARTNER46 is fast, easy and secure! PARTNERS46, who are part of the PAGO46 network, can be found in kiosks, stores, homes, among others. They can also travel to your customers to receive payments.

How to make the payment
Your customer only has to show you the generated QR code and the SOCIO46 scans it. They will receive an email with the receipt and you will be notified of the payment, all in real time!

Partner Networks
We have the main payment networks in Latin America. PAGO46 is the only platform that gives you the flexibility for your customer to choose where to pay. We have a unique code system that your customer can use in any partner network to pay in cash.







The largest payment network in Latin America

Processes, measures and analyses payments in real time

You will receive real-time payment notifications through the PAGO46 platform. This will help your finance team to reconcile your payments in a simple and organised way.

Choose your solution

Payment Button

Integrate our payment button and receive real-time notifications.

  • 24/7 availability
  • Clearing and notifications of real time transactions
  • It needs integration
  • Payment button within the merchant's web or App experience
  • Without implementation costs or monthly minimum amounts
  • Access to PARTNERS46 and partner networks in each country
  • Advanced real-time analytics
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to use PAGO46?
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Comienza a procesar pagos a través de PAGO46 y descontaremos una tasa de servicio sobre el monto de pago que proceses. Sin costos extras.

How do I integrate the payment button into my website or App?
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Puedes integrar el botón de pago a tu sitio web o App móvil. Nuestras APIs están disponibles para que realices esta acción. Te recomendamos visitar nuestro centro de documentación técnica para integrar esta solución.  Encuentra nuestra documentación técnica aquí.

How long does it take to receive notification of payment?
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Payments are notified in real time. Every time someone pays you for a product or service in cash through PAGO46, you'll know instantly.

How do I receive the money I collect through PAGO46?
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The money collected through our payment button is transferred to the account designated by the merchant. The delivery time of these funds may vary depending on the country and/or trade agreement between the parties. Some merchants prefer to receive fewer transfers and others choose to do so on a more regular basis.

Is it safe to collect cash through PAGO46?
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Yes, it is totally secure. We do not store any personal or financial information about customers. Purchases through our payment networks are made using a QR payment code that each customer receives. In turn, all our PARTNERS46 are pre-validated.

Do you need information to integrate the PAGO46 button?

Access our developer help portal and consult the documentation.

Consult the documentation

Consult the documentation for the integration of businesses

Documentation of APIs, libraries and best practices for efficient integration.

External Network Integration

Integration instructions and best practices for External Networks with on-site points. Documentation of APIs and libraries needed to complete the integration in a short time.

Operation and Use

Concepts and diagrams to better understand the flow of money and associated processes, such as reconciliations and transfers.

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PAGO46 is suitable for both large companies and SMEs. We help connect your business with your customers.