Now you can save with your payments, without fees and securely.

What is PAGO46?

We are your ally to shop online and pay in cash, wherever you are and whenever you want.

We have the most advanced network in the region, with different associated network points and our own network of PARTNERS46.

In addition, with the PAGO46 App you can save every time you pay your bills, accounts and services (water, electricity, etc.).

Save with the PAGO46 App

For every payment you make, you win!

Pay bills, online purchases and services!

With the PAGO46 App you can make your payments, from family, friends or acquaintances; wherever you are, whenever you want.

The more you pay, the more you save!

* Services and products may vary by country.


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PAGO46, a new way to pay.

With PAGO46 you can shop online and pay in cash at different payment points: partner networks, with a SOCIO46 or via the App.

With the App

Only through the PAGO46 App can you save by paying your bills and services.

The more you pay, the more you save!


Paying through a PARTNER46 is easy and secure!

You only have to show the QR code generated above for the SOCIO46 to scan it. At the same time you will receive an email with proof of payment.

Associated Networks

We have the main payment networks in Latin America.
You choose where to pay!
a single code you can pay in all partner networks closest to your address.







Send and receive money with your PAGO46 App

Receive money and send money free of charge to other users who have a PAGO46 account.

It is very simple! You just need to know the email address used by the person in PAGO46 and follow the steps that the App will show you.

We care about your privacy

Privacy is paramount to us.
At PAGO46 we know how important security and trust is for each of our users.

For this reason, we have created a payment system that requires a username and a code that you can take to the payment point closest to your location. You don't need to join big banking platforms.

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Trust us

PAGO46 is suitable for both large companies and SMEs. We help connect your business with your customers.